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What is considered “Tax Evasion”

Tax evasion in a simple form means illegally avoiding paying taxes, reporting inaccurately, or failing to report (failing to report cash income is the most common one among them all). The government (especially in the U.S) imposes strict and severe penalties for tax...

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Taxation On Cryptocurrencies Guide

After almost a decade of existence, cryptocurrency finally made a huge appearance in the financial world in 2017. Nearly everyone with an Internet-enabled gadget has heard of Bitcoin, and many have already made fortunes from trading cryptocurrency. However, much of...

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Overlooked Accounting Issues Business Owners Tend To Make

Despite the advancement in technology and accounting programs, it’s hard to expect anyone running a businesss to not make a few mistakes along the way. Even those with vast and numerous accounting tools and knowledge, will still make some accounting errors. Managing a...

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